Update 8-29-2018

Please Run AbyssWarsPWLauncher.exe, then patcher to update your client!


Game Version: 19



  • If your antivirus will notify you after the patch that elementclient.exe its a virus please add the elementclient.exe to the antivirus exemption list, the notification it's a false positive that might appear because of our new security protection
  • - Our elementclient.exe its digitally signed and 100% safe, VirusTotalScanProofHERE


* NPC:

  • - Added NEW Vyn Forge to Archosaur West near the G17 NPC's
  • - Vyn Forge allows players to upgrade their R9R4 weapons to the first step in G17 weapons
  • - Vyn Forge allows players to upgrade their R9R4 Belt to the new G17 Belt
  • - Vyn Forge allows players to upgrade their Cube Neck to the new G17 Neck


* Flyers:

  • - The new 6 flyers added to Resource Manager NPC (can be also obtained from Uncharted Paradise) can be unsealed in Aerogear forge now


* Uncharted Paradise:

  • - All 7 Bosses from Uncharted Paradise will drop now 100 items and also these new items have been added to their drop list:
    • * Dull Blood Spirit Stone
    • * Dull Jagged Iron Shard
    • * Dull Gold-plated Iron


* G17:

  • - Halved the Sigil Of Nighbloom and/or Sigil of Elysium required in crafting G17 mats


* Miscellaneous:

  • - Added new recipes to Jewelcraftsman that allows players to switch between Bound Deity <> JoSD
  • - Fixed Stone of Ancestral Knowledge description, it gives Magic +15 for weapon and not Magic +48 (default description was misleading)
  • - IceShard Coin found in Boutique/Point price has been lowered
  • - New characters will start again with all Skills up to Aware Of Vacuity learned and up to level 10