Elysium Update


First of all sorry for the extended maintenance, some unforeseen issues appeared at the last minute and had to be resolved as they were critical to Homestead part of the update


  • - Homestead - Enter the realm of Elysium and build a home of your very own. You can customize your Homestead with hundreds of different buildings and objects, fully shapeable terrain, and even functional buildings to generate resources.
    • * Level 90 players with 35,000+ Reputation who have reached Aware of the Void or Aware of the Myriad will automatically receive a quest in their logs to start them on the path to unlocking their Homestead.


  • - New dungeon: Uncharted Paradise - Enter a forgotten realm hidden away for thousands of years beneath the waves of the Silent Sea. Here, the servants of the gods once challenged mortals to see if they were worthy. Though the gods are gone, their guardians still remain.
    • * Level 100 players who have reached Astral Sky X can speak to Swordsman Zenray at the Shoka Sanctuary to enter the Uncharted Paradise.


  • - Level 17 weapons (G17) - Once, Elysium was ruled by Sixteen Lords who wielded powerful weapons forged with the breath of dragons. Though these Lords are long gone, dedicated heroes can recreate their weapons and once again wield their awesome power.
    • * Dragonbreath Weapons are available at Vyn Yen, the Warrior in Archosaur (522, 657) after reaching Level 100 after your Second Reawakening and unlocking your Homestead. Materials for crafting and upgrading these weapons can be found through Homestead daily quests and drops from Uncharted Paradise.


  • - A new set of Level 17 accessories are available from Jaden Collector Tansen in Archosaur (551, 626).


  • - The maximum size for the Safe and Inventory has been expanded from 80 slots to 96. They can be increased by purchasing an additional Super Safe Stone or Super Inventory Stone, respectively.


  • - Accessories can now gain up to 4 sockets.
    • * Magma, Abyss, Sunflare, and Astral Stones can now be upgraded to Level 12 at Assistant Wang Tsai.
    • * Yaksha and Battlement Stones can now be upgraded to Level 13 at Assistant Wang Tsai.


  • - Teleport Incense, Teleport Stones, Utility and Defense Charms, Nuema, Magic Stones, and Makeover Scrolls can now be placed in the Cupboard.


  • - Several new advanced skill upgrades have been added across all classes. In addition, each class has access to a brand-new ultimate skill. The skill books for all of these can be purchased from Vyn Ren, the Trainer in Archosaur (522, 659) using items obtained from daily quests in your Homestead.


  • - The Crisis Resolved (Week) quest can now be obtained from the Immortal's Student inside Seat of Torment and Abaddon.


  • - Added title quests for Sundown Highland and Dragon Wilderness.


  • - Li Mengpai in West Archosaur will now grant titles in exchange for items from the Paperclip for Villa quest.


  • - Players above level 100 can start a new quest chain at the Fairytale Master in South Archosaur.


Some NEW rewards and drops might still have the official settings, we will get there and adjust them properly if needed


Players will need to download the NEW full Elysium client in order to connect to the server, there are new download links in our Download page


Thank you for gaming with us