Halloween Disaster and Recovery

Please Run AbyssWarsPWLauncher.exe, then patcher to update your client!


Game Version: 38


Dear Abysswars Players,

The server is online now, we are very sorry for the long downtime.
3 days ago our server had an issue we found out that the data center where our server was hosted had some power outages which resulted in HDD failure...not only the server HDD but the NAS HDD (where our backup was)

With that in mind, we lost all the backups we had including the live game database and SQL database, therefore, we are starting the server from 0

We took measures this time and all backups (DB/Files) are hosted on a different datacenter/company to avoid any kind of loss in the future

All Players will have to create new fresh account's, everyone that will create an account will receive a 'Welcome Back Pack' automatically after they created their first character 

The Welcome Back Pack will be available from 11-6-2017 to 11-14-2017 after which will be removed

The Donation 2x Promo that we had for Halloween will also continue until 11-14-2017

Welcome Back Pack contains the following:


  • - 100k Supply Tokens
  • - 150k Event Gold for Boutique Event Category
  • - 9999x Ten million Big Notes
  • - 1x Wings Of Ascension
  • - 1x Crown Of Madness
  • - 6x  Nuema Set S-cards
  • - 1x Arcane Sky Boundary Pill
  • - 1x Mirage Sky Boundary Pill
  • - 1x Astral Sky Boundary Pill
  • - 1x Shifting Sky Boundary Pill
  • - 1x Voter Blessing Pack 
  • - 1x Legacy Mark Pack 
  • - 5000x HDD Stone
  • - 5000x QSM Stone
  • - 200x Basic Badge
  • - 30x Barbaric Blood
  • - 60x Primordial Blood
  • - 3x JOSD
  • - 3x Deity Stone 
  • - 3x Creation Stone
  • - 3x Stone of the Savant
  • - 3x Primeval Stone
  • - 3x Icebourne Stone
  • - 3x Drakeflame Stone
  • - 3x Dragon Orb Flame
  • - 3x Sapphire Gem
  • - 3x Garnet Gem
  • - 3x Citrine Gem
  • - 5x Hyper EXP Stone

All Items are bound.

'Welcome Back Pack' can be used one time per account only so make sure you use it on the character you want to main!!!.

*Boutique > Event Gold Items (Last for 1 week only):

  • - R9R3 Molds
  • - Starchart Items
  • - Charms
  • - Orbs
  • - * much more

*User Panel > Services- you can avail the Nuema T5 Unlock as FREE from 11-6-2017 to 11-14-2017



*All Donators will get their all donated amount since the very beginning including the latest Halloween x2 rate, you just have to send us a ticket with

  • - Paypal Email - you use when you donated
  • - Account name [exact spelling]


If your used Cryptocurrency or SuperRewards you have to provide:

  • - Transaction ID or Lead ID.
  • - Account name [exact spelling]


We are very sorry for the inconvenience this issue might cause you, Thank You so much for the patience and understanding and see you in game.