Freebies Rewards Updated 4 / PK Shield Changes

Freebies Update:

We added an additional pack for new characters that will be created from today on

- Returned Warrior Pack Lvl 5 (Once used will give an lvl 15 pack and so on up to level 55)

this pack its an addition to the freebies we already give on character creation

we are also giving 

DreamChaser Pack Level 1 (once used will give an lvl 10 pack and so on up to level 40)

Jones' Blessing Ticket 

- O'Malley's Blessing Ticket


PK Shield Changes:

As majority of players requested we did the following changes:

- Players can now decide if they want to PvP or not by using the PK switch found under Shield icon (top left)

- If players decide to switch off the PK shield or attack someone , PK shield cannot be enabled for 10 hours