Update 7-28-2017

Please Run AbyssWarsPWLauncher.exe, then patcher to update your client!


Game Version: 27


  • - Enabled Quests Chain Red Dragon Invasion which players needs to be able to join Hidden Dragon Den Dungeon
  • - Added R9R4 Recipes to Ascension Forge, each recipe requires Hidden Dragon Den Stone's, Quick Sand Maze Stone's and Ten Million Big Note's beside the R9R3 precursor item
    • * Hidden Dragon Den Stones can be obtained  from Hidden Dragon Den Dungeon as well from Daily Hidden Dragon Den Quest
    • * Quick Sand Maze Stones can be obtained from Quick Sand Maze Dungeon as well from Daily Quick Sand Maze Dungeon Quest
  • - HeavenFall Tower Last Room (108) rewards now 2x Diamond of Tiger (Bound) OR 2x Diamond of Dragon (Bound)
    • * Jade Of Steady Defense (Bound) or Deity Stone (Bound) can be crafted in Jewelcraftsman NPC using  Diamond of Tiger (Bound) OR Diamond of Dragon (Bound)
    • * The Bound stones cannot be used in Stone Transform
  • - Supply Tokens can be Sold now to NPC's and gain 125 DQ points for each of them which can be exchanged to Game Gold
  • - Fixed Fashion Bag and Pet Cage not being full for NEW Characters
  • NEW Characters starts now with the R9 Armor/Weapon/Accessories already equipped
  • - Added Creation Stone to Donation Shop