Update 5-14-2017

Please Run AbyssWarsPWLauncher.exe, then patcher to update your client!


Game Version: 22


  • - Added NEW Repeatable Quests to Head Hunter NPC
    • * "Kill Vanished Ancestor" Rewards Nirvana Token
    • * "Kill Vanished Ancestor EX" Rewards Nirvana Token
    • * "Kill Illusion Lord Armageddon" Rewards Twilight Temple Token
    • * "Kill Holeen Champion of Fienta" Rewards Frostcovered City Token
    • * "Kill Aurogon the Dragon Empero" Rewards Adv. Endless Universe Token
  • - Added NEW Crafting menu to Head Hunter which will allow players to craft WebPack using the new Tokens
  • - Bounty Hunter II 100+ quests rewards now 5x Random WebPack Pack   
  • - World Boss drops also now Random WebPack Pack  
  • - Random WebPack Pack drops 1 random WebPack when opened
  • - Normal Nation War was switched off and moved to Cross Server
  • - Nation War it's held now totally on Cross Server on Wed, Thu and Sunday, map and rewards are the same as normal Nation War has
    • * Talk With General Helian then Overseer Aeban to join NW
    • * We did this to remove the need for IP limits on normal server (TW Limits remain)
  • - Archosaur Arena it's now open, it's a free PvP zone where players do not have to remove Shield to PvP. Talk with Arena Manager in Archosaur to Join Archosaur Arena