Freebies Updated / User Panel / WebShop / PvP Ranking



Freebies Changes:

We increased the vote rewards to a total of 12 gold per day (if player votes all 6 tops each 12 hours)

We add automated Trivia System which runs every hour with prizes in Game Gold


User Panel (read more here: User Panel):

With addition of User Panel we add more functionability to our website which includes:

- change password

- change email

- ingame services  

  1.  WebSite Gold to Game Gold
  2.  Change Cultivation
  3.  Reset Experience
  4.  Reset Spirit
  5.  Reset Stash Pass
  6.  Teleport Character

- automated donation system

- voucher system (for special events)

- webshop (contains alot of packs, guardian scrolls, blessings, fashion)


Live PvP Ranking:

We added a Live PvP Ranking, it can be found here: Live PvP Ranking

It comes with alot of options to see people kills, deaths, date, classes and level

The Live PvP Ranking has some new rules, specially made for it, players abusing the PvP Ranking will be punished accordingly