Valentines Day Update

Please Run AbyssWarsPWLauncher.exe, then patcher to update your client!


Game Version: 12


  • - Valentines Day Event enabled and running, get in a squad with your loved one:


    • * Female should be a squad leader and at least level 30
    • * Both will have to talk with Eldest Matchmaker and get the Fortune quest
    • * Both female and male have to talk with PW Promotions Agent to receive your reward
    • * Quest can be done just once for each character


  • - Valentines Day Rewards are:


  • * 2x Holy Pill
  • * 1 x Sincerity Pack
  • * 5 x War Avatar Pack Special
  • * 1 x Love like Honey (Valentines Version Firework)
  • * Fortune Lantern (Female Only, can be used to spawn a Love Lantern for 12 hours)


  • - Several changes to World Boss rewards:


  • * World Boss Pack it's tradeable now
  • * All the items inside World Boss Pack are not tradeable and cannot be put in account stash