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Update 11-8-2016


Please Run AbyssWarsPWLauncher.exe, then patcher to update your client!


Game Version: 6


  • Lowered exp needed to levelup character and pets, levelup should be faster now
  • Ancient Tome should not go over 105 level anymore
  • Fixed several quest and items that did not activate their skills (ex: Morai: Change Again, Inkdragon's Blood, Pill of Endless Sight and several others)
  • Fixed Mysterious Merchant Chip exchange quests
  • Fixed xNation War map image, size it's still the same BUT it will show the correct map image
  • Leave button from Sunset Valley event has been Removed
  • Doubled Guild Material Ticket reward from Monolith's Quests
  • Fixed Battle Bot and Battle Corgi skills, they can be evolved for better stats but the skin will not change for now (work in progress)
  • King System has been disabled for now, having 4 factions in xNW and just 2 Kings wasn't fair until we find a better solution, it will be disabled


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