Update 10-27-2016

Please Run AbyssWarsPWLauncher.exe, then patcher to update your client!


Game Version : 3


  • Fixed Judgement: Flowsilver Palace Bosses and all system messages are in English now
  • Judgment: Flowsilver Palace Bosses rewards are now x4 (does not apply to Shiny Flowsilver Coin and Starglade Chest)
  • Shadowskull Lich (Earth Boss Warsong City) spawns now 
  • All Bosses in Lunar and Warsong City drop their respective molds now
  • Fixed War Avatar Pack Special and War Avatar WebShop Rates
  • War Avatar WebShop drops only S cards now
  • Pets can be used by Duskblade and Stormbringer now
  • Oblivion Soup can be sold to NPC now
  • Order Of Blades, An Unexpected Gift, An Unexpected Gift (Member) (EU) can be completed just once per day/account
  • Reciprocity(Lv.85+) (Delta) can be completed just once per day/account
  • Vitality stones are fixed now and they show the original bonus
  • Potential Fix for Saving Summer Quest
  • HeavenFall Tower rewards quantities are x4 now
  • HeavenFall Tower system messages should be all in English now
  • Cultivation starts now from Elder's Thinking quest, everything below has been disabled to avoid issues, considering we give free Avare of Vacuity Cultivation rank and 2 sparks
  • Challenge Another Enemy Coins has been removed from Attendant, boss cannot be spawn a second time after it's killed
  • The Skill Books 95+ that use to drop in Seat of Torment and Abbadon are dropping now in Judgement: Flowsilver Palace and Hiden Dragon Den (96, 306) 'Land of Buried Bones'
  • Potential fix for Battlebot Battle Pet missing skills
  • Fixed Endless Dragon-Emperor Chest Rates, as it was above 100%...skills drops should be randomized now
  • Fixed Thousand Streams, Archosaur and City of Lost misplaced NPC's
  • Fixed Sword Of Heroes Location (use to be inside of the stone sword and unclickable)
  • Auction Bidding has been re-enabled
  • New packs have been added to WebShop: Sky Fire Feather, Quicksilver Sky and Cloudflow Sunshine that contains the new stones for accessories