Server updated to 1.5.4 Eclipse version

The server has been updated to 1.5.4 version (Eclipse)


NEW Features :


  • New race Nightshade which brings 2 new classes Duskblade and Stormbringer 
  • New Starting Zone
  • New Rank 8 Equipment
  • Quest Optimizations
  • Heavenfall Tower
  • The battle for Treasure Island (xTW)
  • NEW Skill Interface
  • Star Chart
  • Quicksand Maze/Mirage Deserts Dungeons
  • Accessories socket stones
  • NEW Interface and improved graphics
  • NEW Venomancer pets and many more


Custom Changes:


  • Nirvana Keys prices increased to 9 millions one key
  • Option added to buy 10 keys at once
  • 99 Keys Boss drops now 200 items
  • Warsong Attendant can spawn Vile: Incarcerate a second time for the price of 70 Big Notes (test feature)


New Character Freebies:


  • New Characters start with 300.000 Reputation
  • New Characters start with free R9 gear (can be found in a box in inventory)
  • All Skills up to Aware Of Vacuity learned and up to level 10
  • Returned Warrior Pack LvL 5 (Once used it will give a lvl 15 pack and so on up to level 55)
  • DreamChaser Pack LvL 1 ( Once used it will give a lvl 10 pack and so on up to level 40)
  • Jones' Blessing
  • O'Malley's Blessing
  • 20 x War Avatar Pack New Character
  • 1 x Geo Map
  • 100 x Teleport Stone
  • 1 x Teleport Incense
  • 1 x Chest 1x Boots 1x Leggings 1x Weapon
  •  Full Unlock for Inventory, Item Storage, Fashion Storage, Pet Inventory etc.


To be able to connect please download the new full client from our download section

Thank you for your patience