Update 9-8-2016

Please Run AbyssWarsPWLauncher.exe, then patcher (the blue one) to update your client!


Game Version: 21


- Normal Nation War will be now on Thursday and Sunday Time: 20:20 gmt+0 Server Time
- X-Server Nation War will be now on Friday Time: 20:20 gmt+0 Server Time
- Normal Nation War map it's smaller now 24 Territories each Nation instead of 33 Territories each Nation
Imperial Seal expiration to 2 days instead of 6 days so it will be available only on Friday X-Server Nation War
Sunset Valley rewards for first places were recalculated also rewards were increased overall
- Changed Events text in Event Calendar for X-Server Sunset Valley, X-Server Nation War, Normal Nation War


PS: I'm sorry for the long maintenance but both my internet connections died in the middle of the update because of a storm...

Compensation: All players that logged in the last 30 days since 9-8-2016 received 100 game gold to compensate for the extended time of the update