Update 8-12-2016

Please Run AbyssWarsPWLauncher.exe, then patcher (the blue one) to update your client!


Game Version : 18


  1. Days: Tuesday/Friday/Sunday
  2. Time: 20:20 gmt+0, 03:20 gmt+8, 15:20 GMT-5, 13:20 GMT-8
  1. Days: Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday
  2. Time: 16:00 GMT+0, 23:00 gmt+8, 11:00 GMT-5, 08:00 GMT-8
  • Dragon Flame Orb can be crafted again only using the original recipes, Dragon Flame Orb Shard(AEU) shard was removed from crafting requirements
  • Drake Certificate (AEU) rewards now 357 x Element Spirit's and 5 x War Avatar Special Pack
  • added 50 Perfect Stones to Monolith's quests I-VIII (Base Quests) instead of 50 x Wraith Officer Badges
  • Primordial Blood Quest Rewards are now x4 
  • Primordial Blood Reward from the daily 3 times repeatable instance are now x6
  • Undercurrent Coins Reward from Blood Of Wind and Fire x4
  • Guild Contribution from all the quests received from Monolith x4
  • Guild Contribution from Guild Material Coupon x4
  • Nuema Points gained from all Nuema items are 4x the default rate
  • Silvery Flow quest will reward now 32 Shiny Flowsilver Coin's
  • Hellfire Abomination has now 100% chance to drop 4 skill book
  • Peachblossom Ritualist has now 100% chance to drop 4 skill book
  • Blood of Wind and Fire (UCH) has now 100% chance to reward 40 War Avatar Pack Special
  • Silvery Flow (FSP) has now 100% chance to reward 40 War Avatar Pack Special
  • Crazy Stone (Morai) has now 100% chance to reward 20 War Avatar Pack Special
  • Nirvana Palace Normal Bosses drop now 24 boxes while Vanished Ancestor drops 60 items
  • Endless Dragon-Emperor Chest skill books chance was increased from 0.2% to 0.8%
  • All pets experience needed to level up has been divided by 4
  • Adv. Endless Universe Quest (AEU)  rewards now 1 x Jade Dragon Note's
  • Jade Dragon Order Quest (AEU) rewards now 24 x Jade Dragon Order's 
  • Each Delta Room Clear Quest will reward 20 x War Avatar Pack Delta
  • Duty Badge quest will give now 2 x Duty Badge's
  • Receive Cog of Fate quest will reward 4 x Rotating Cog of Fate now (Cube Of Fate)
  • Bounty Hunter II and III daily quests rewards increased: 4 x Exp, 12k Reputation and 4 x One Big Note
  • Celestial Messenger will reward now Triple Defense charms from Bronze, Silver and Gold Charms Quests (Trophy: Lunar)
  • Attendance Sheet can craft now 50 Perfect Stones
  • Increased slightly Genie Lucky Points rates
  • Vicious Faction logo update
  • Aurora Faction logo update
  • Abstergo Faction logo update


Freebies update:

  • New Characters start now with full unlock for inventory, item storage, fashion storage, pet inventory etc.
  • New Characters start now with 300k Reputation
  • New Characters start now with free R9 gear (can be found in a box in inventory)

New Server Rates:

- Max Level: 105

- EXP (normal/quests): 200x

- SP (normal/quests): 100x

- DROP: 100x

- Money (normal/quests): 150x


ATTENTION: for old players that do not have R9 already, please open a ticket and tell us your character name and class, we will send you one free R9 pack for that class using in-game mail.


  • Character/Account must be created before 8-12-2016
  • 1 pack per account so choose your character wisely