Update 7-15-2016

Game Version: 17


  • added 25 Wraith Officer Badges to Monolith's quests I-VIII (Base Quests)
  • added 2 Supply Token to Roll Call Quest rewards, the quest can be done just once per day/account
  • Dragon Orb Flame Pack (WebShop) price changed to 1400 WebGold and it contains only 3 Dragon Orb Flame now
  • Celestial Messenger will reward now Double Defense charms from Bronze, Silver and Gold Charms Quests (Trophy: Lunar)
  • Attendance Sheet can craft now 25 Perfect Stones
  • Resurrection Scroll stack increased to 100 and cooldown decreased to 1 minute from 30 minutes
  • Increased slightly Genie Lucky Points rates 
  • Charms stacks returned to 1 per stack
  • Flame Faction logo update