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Update 6-6-2016


Game Version: 16


  • Dragon Flame Orb can be crafted again, the new component added to the recipe: Dragon Flame Orb Shard
  • Dragon Flame Orb Shard can be obtained from AEU, players can obtain 12 x Dragon Flame Orb Shard week
  • Players need 12 x Dragon Flame Orb Shard to craft 1 x Dragon Flame Orb beside the default recipe components
  • Dragon Flame Orb Shard cannot be traded or put in Account Stash
  • Dragon Flame Orb obtain from crafting cannot be traded or put in Account Stash
  • Dragon Flame Orb obtain from Dragon Orb Flame Pack cannot be traded
  • Dragon Flame Orb obtain from Dragon Fire's Pack can be traded or put in Account Stash
  • HP/MP charms stacks increased to 100 from 1
  • Normal days IP limit increased to 25 Accounts/IP from 3 Accounts/ IP, during Nation Wars days limit remains 2 accounts/IP as before to avoid Nation Wars alt spam
  • WebShop has new categories for fashion, the fashion packs will be removed, fashion will be sold by the piece
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