Amarah's PvP Event Important Rules

Dear Abysswars Players,

This is made to inform those players who want to join/participate in the PvP event, please take note of the following Rules:


* Dead stays dead, you are not allowed to re enter in the arena once you died, you have to wait to finish the fight.

* Team Buff only (if its team vs team, if player vs player then it will self-buff only)

* Maximum stealth will be 8 seconds only.

* Purple Vortex skill not allowed (Black vortex is fine)

* AFK players will subject to replace, disconnect participants will give a chance to come back 30 seconds max otherwise will be replaced.

* You are allowed only to bring 1 character per person/owner in the event.

* You have to finish the entire event, otherwise you will get 0 rewards.

* Team/s must wait for the GM to say GO before attacking.

* This event has no specific time, it's random so you have to wait for the announcement in thegame.


* Prizes are Special Event Tokens which you can use to exchange to packs using Head Hunter NPC, the quantity is depending on your team winning scores.


PvP Event Requirements :

* R9R3 or APS Gears

* Must be + 12 refines each

* Must be full sockets and sharded

* Must be 2k spirits atleast ( Im allowing players who have atleast 1k spirits and above to join the event till further notice)


PS: All PvP participants must attend the mass pk if theres any, (it will depend of the GM if theres mass pk or none), no mass pk - no rewards.


Goodluck! :p



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