Custom Star Chart

Star Chart Custom Gear System:

If the Star Chart that you are looking for cannot be found here in the Star Chart Perfect Roll Shop please contact us through the Help Desk or Discord regarding your desired Star Chart.


- Players must have already the Perfect Roll Points necessary to purchase the Star Chart in their account

- Perfect Roll Points can be seen in Perfect Roll Shop (more info here: Perfect Roll System)

- Players can add on their Custom Star Chart gear ONLY Star Chart addons

- Players can use a Star Chart addon just 3 times on a Custom Start Chart

- Players can change the addons of their Custom Star Chart by using 2 Perfect Roll Point

- At this moment any combinations are accepted, if we decide to block any, we will post them here:


- Prices:

  •  New Custom Star Chart: 2 Perfect Roll Point
  •  Change already owned Custom Star Chart: 1 Perfect Roll Point

* We will check if the player really purchased PR Star Chart before doing the customization