Daily Territory War Event (Beta)

How to Bid:

  • Territory War Bidding will start every day at 00:25 server time
  • Faction Leader only can bid at any Teleporter or Battle Coordinator NPC
  • Bidding will end at 00:45 server time

How to Join:

  • The Attacker or Defender faction can join the battlefield at 01:05 server time at any Teleporter or Battle Coordinator NPC


  • The rewards will be given at 01:55 server time
  • Faction leader of the winning side will receive Daily Territory War Tokens and Nebula Dust Orbs as a reward (both items are tradeable and can be shared with faction members)
  • Daily Territory War Tokens can be exchanged into Special Event Token at any Head Hunter NPC 

* We reserve the right to change the rewards at any time as we see fit for the betterment of the server

The following rules apply to this event Territory War Rules