Glorious Trials Season

Starting November 1st, 2019, we are going to introduce a new system called Seasons.

Each Season will have a specific theme and will be around 60 days long.

Players will have to do specific tasks for each Season to unlock the Season packs /rewards, which will be unique to each Season and will not be obtainable again UNLESS the Season will return.

Glorious Trials Season

Glorious Trials Season Info:




Glorious Trials Season will be focusing on Faction Trials Quests


On February 1st, 2022, all players will automatically receive a quest called Glorious Trials Season Start that will reward them with the title Glorious Trials Season, which will unlock the first Glorious Trials Season Pack. 


After receiving the Glorious Trials Season title,  players can start doing Faction Trials, which will reward them with an additional item called Glorious Trials Proof.

To open a Glorious Trials Season Pack, players will have to gather 4 Glorious Trials Proof.


Glorious Trials Season Pack contains a lot of excellent rewards like DoD/DoT TokenAstral StoneNebula Dust OrbSpecial Event TokenEvent HS Sigil Crate, and use potions and also UNIQUE weapons fashion, unique mount, flyers, decoration pet, battle bet, and a new Homestead Trophy as well as an individual image unique title that will come with the weapons fashion.


All fashion rewards are unique to the Glorious Trials Season and will not be obtainable again UNLESS the Glorious Trials Season will return (if ever...)