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Valentines Day Event


* Valentines Day Event:

  • - Event times will be Feb 12 - Feb 16, 2021
  • - Once the event started, Saint Valentines  will appear in West Archosaur (521, 655)
  • - There are 2 options with different rewards on how to do the Valentines Day Event every day
  • - Party Version (1 Female 1 Male that haven't completed Solo Version):
    • * Female Character should take quest So Sweet, So Honey and go to 268, 619 Elevation 46 Dragon's Breath Valley (top of the huge rock pillar) and farm 18 Fresh Beehoney, then go back to Saint Valentine's, complete the quest
    • * Male Character should take the quest Overjoyed with love and go to 204, 640 Elevation 52 Dragon's Wilderness and farm 27 Newly Plucked Roses then click on the Elegant Ribbon to transform it to Elegant Rose Bouquet, do that for all 3 Elegant Ribbon
    • * Female Character should party the male character, the female should be the party leader, after that talk with Saint Valentine and get quest Sweetheart
    • * Sweetheart can be completed once per day
    • * Sweetheart will reward both Female and Male with the following:
      • 4x Entangled Hearts
      • 6x Love Like Honey (Valentine Version)
      • 6x Heart Ribbon Box
  • - Solo Version (any character that hasn't completed the Party Version quests):
    • * The player will take quest Look for Light of Hope from Saint Valentine then go to 327, 427 Elevation 43 City Of the Plume (top of the huge tree) and farm 18 Light of Hope, then go back to Saint Valentine's, complete the quest
    • * Look for Light of Hope can be completed once per day
    • * Look for Light of Hope will reward the following:
      • 3x Entangled Hearts
      • 3x Sincere Blessing (Valentine Version)
      • 3x Heart Ribbon Box
  • - Players opening Heart Ribbon Box will have the chance to get one of the following:
    • * Homestead Resources
    • * DoD/DoT Token
    • * Special Event Token
    • * White/Black Pigments
    • * Nebula Dust Orb
    • * Sigils
    • * Elysian Seals
    • * Subsiding Dirt
  • - Saint Valentine will exchange Entangled Hearts's for Unique Valentines Day Weapons Fashion, Flyers, Mount, Decoration Pet, Battle Pet which will be available ONLY during Valentines Day Event
  • - Valentines Day Event Items pictures can be found HERE
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Update 2-12-2018 (Valentine's Day)
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