Christmas and New Year Events

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Everyone!



*Santa Claus and Solstice Evergreen will have quests for the players starting December 6, 2022, through some of them will be available from December 15, 2022, onwards based on the official settings

*Snowman Invasion will happen automatically every 6 hours starting this year:

- Pick up the quest Naughty Snowman I, II, III, or IV before heading out to hunt Snowman.

- Naughty Snowman Quest can be repeated as many times as players want during the 20 minutes invasion of the Snowman

- Naughty Snowman Quests will reward the following (the amounts differ, with IV giving the most)

  • Christmas Stocking
  • Perfect Stone
  • War Avatar Pack Special
  • Ice Shards

- Ice Shards can be exchanged at XMAS Dancing Tree NPC for:

  • XMAS Weapons Fashion
  • XMAS Mounts
  • XMAS Pets
  • XMAS Flyers
  • AbyssWars Coins
  • Snowy X' mas Designgraph Pack (contains HomeStead XMAS items)
  • Crystal X' mas Designgraph Pack (contains HomeStead XMAS items)