Personal Image Title System

Starting with Update 67 (7-12-2019) we introduced a new Personal Image Title System:

How To Buy:

  • - Buy Personal Image Title Token from User Panel/Donation Shop/Miscellaneous
  • - Send us a ticket through Help Desk, please specify:
  • - Ticket Title: Personal Image Title Token
  • - Exact Character Name
  • - VIP Mount Name
  • - Exact Name of the Fashion Piece that you wish to use for the Personal Image Title
  • - Image for Title (preferable with transparent background)*

* No rude, racist, porn, sexy, hate words or images ;)
** We reserve the right to deny any picture that does not follow the above rules



  • - Players can put any image PERMANENTLY (as long as it follows our rules and regulations*) above their character head for a 25 USD fee
  • - The Personal Image Title will be attached to a piece of "Special Fashion" and only the player that purchases it will be able to use it
  • - The Personal Image Title can be exchanged one time for FREE, next changes will cost 5 USD each
  • - The Special Fashion can be exchanged for a different fashion piece for FREE every 30 days, more often changes will cost 5 USD each
  • - If the players choose to move the Personal Image Title/Special Fashion to a different gender or class, the change will cost 5 USD
  • - Players that purchased the Personal Image Title will also receive a VIP Mount for free in the form of a sports car, more examples below


Personal Image Title Rules and Regulations:

  • - *We reserve the right to deny any picture that we find containing rude, racist, porn, sexy, hate words images, or remarks
  • - We reserve the right to do any changes to images without any prior notice to the owners for the benefit of the server


VIP Mount Examples: