Easter Events and Double USD Sale! (2019)

Happy Easter Everyone!


We prepared the following for you this Easter (2019):

  • - Starting 4-6-2019 until 4-20-2019, Roll Call will also reward Event Attendance
  • - Event Attendance can be used to unlock the Daily Event Reward quest every day that will reward a random item to the player
  • - Daily Event Reward will appear automatically every day in each player quest list, make sure you have space for it
  • - Players have a chance to gain Shards, Pigments, Special Tokens, Nebula Orbs, different Homestead Crates, Seals and Subsiding Dirt from Daily Event Reward
  • - We added a lot of AWESOME female hair and several male hairs to the Boutique/Event/Fashion/Sale/Head category, check them out!

*Double USD Rate has been enabled for 15 days, from 6 April 2019 to 20 April 2019, enjoy and have fun