Update 11-18-2016

Please Run AbyssWarsPWLauncher.exe, then launcher to update your client!


Game Version: 36



  • - Starting 10-14-2018 we are using a different method of update using the new launcher.exe found in the root of the AW folder. If you have old version please run AbyssWarsPWLauncher.exe, it will download the launcher.exe for you and also start it
  • - Let launcher.exe update your client when it's done click on Play Now! button!
  • - If your antivirus will notify you after the patch that abysswars.exe its a virus please add the abysswars.exe to the antivirus exemption list, the notification it's a false positive that might appear because of our new security protection
  • - abysswars.exe its digitally signed and 100% safe, VirusTotalScanProofHERE


* Homestead:


  • - The Exp needed to level up the House has been cut in half again
  • - Time to harvest for all seeds and animals has been cut in half


* PvE Token 2:

  • - Warsong Token and Lunar Token required to craft PvE Token 2 has been lowered from 10 to 5


* Cross Server:

  • - The IP Limit has been increased from 1 to 2 accounts / IP