Halloween Event (Nightmare Invastion)


* Halloween Event (Nightmare Invasion):

  • - Halloween Nightmare Invasion Event will start automatically every 6 hours starting 12 am server time
  • - Once the event started, Agent Of Halloween will appear in North Archosaur (530, 683)
  • - Players should get the quest "Halloween Nightmare Invasion" from Agent Of Halloween (Quest Related tab)
  • - Agent Of Halloween will announce when The Great Devourer Nightmare will appear
  • - Players will have to do damage to The Great Devourer Nightmare if they want to receive any rewards at the end of the invasion
  • - Players will have to kill The Great Devourer Nightmare, keep in mind he has increased defense and HP but he has no HP regen, it will take many players to take him down
  • - Once The Great Devourer Nightmare it's dead a lot of Halloween Liberated Body's will appear near Agent Of Halloween, each player can interact with only 1 Halloween Liberated Body per event
  • - Players participating in the event will have the chance to get
    • * DoD/DoT Token
    • * Special Event Token
    • * White/Black Pigments
    • * Nebula Dust Orb
    • * Homestead Resources
    • * Sigils
    • * Elysian Seals
    • * Subsiding Dirt
    • * Box of Candy
    • * Halloween Candy Pieces used to gain 30 days title "Hand Over The Candy"
    as well as:
    • * Nightmare Eye
  • - Agent Of Halloween will exchange Nightmare Eye's for Unique Halloween Weapons Fashion, Flyers, Mount, Decoration Pet, Battle Pet which will be available ONLY during Halloween Event

NOTE: Players should exchange their Nightmare Eye's at the start of the event, after the first announcement of Halloween Nightmare Invasion, players have 5 minutes until The Great Devourer Nightmare will appear. Agent of Halloween will disappear after The Great Devourer Nightmare is defeated or after The Great Devourer Nightmare will reach the Archosaur Northen Gate!