Abysswars Video Making Rewards - CLICK HERE for more INFO

Greetings Abysswars! 

Everyone is welcome to make/create a video in our game and get amazing prizes, just follow the criteria below


1. You can use any Movie editor (Ulead, Vega Pro, Movie Maker, etc.) 

2. Minimum of 3 minutes and a maximum of 60 minutes. 

3. Your clip must during TW, NW, UP,Mass PvP, GM PvP event,Homestead or any crowded events/area. 

4. Upload your entry on YouTube. 

5. Make sure that the soundtrack of the movie uses music with no copyright, you can find music as such from the YouTube Music Library or Royalty-Free music that is available online or pick from here

Copyright Free Audio Library No Copyright Soundtract

6. Send your YouTube link entry through Helpdesk>Send ticket, TITLE>Gameplay movie.



Make your movie interesting and entertaining, remember the best movie will get a higher amount of tokens


* Special GM tokens

* Prizes will depend on your video quality, how entertaining, how interesting.




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